The Proper Way How You Can Remove Your Palm Tree

Palm Tree Removal in Tracy, CA is one of the most used services in town because California is home to one of the most abundant Palm Trees around the world. Palm Tree removal is an important service because you can make way for more trees to grow or you it can also keep you safe from harm. Some Palm Trees that grow too close to homes or electrical posts can be potential dangers because if they grow too much to the side, they can destroy the surrounding structures.

plam tree

If you want to properly remove a Palm Tree near your home, it will be best that you read about the different kinds of Palm Trees. You have to be able to differentiate your Palm Tree from the rest because each type will have a different structure and it will be a factor on how you will remove it from the soil.

Here is a list of the kind of Palm Trees usually present:

  • Phoenix Roebelenii
  • Sabal Palms
  • Phoenix Canaries
  • Phoenix Reclinata
  • Archantophoenix Cunninghamiana

Removal of A Palm tree is easier compared to removing others kinds of trees. Palm Trees are taller than other which can be intimidating and dangerous to remove. But other trees and its roots can branch and spread through a larger radius. This can make the digging process long and tough, it will also be difficult to remove the root with one pull. With Palm Trees, their roots are spiky and can hurt when you hold them, but the usually just stay within the area of the trunk.

You should know your Palm tree because you can have a rough estimate of how large the surface area is with the root system of the tree. Dealing with the roots of the tree will be a lot easier if you can properly map out where the radius is, and you can ready the proper tools for pulling it all out at once. You can also determine the size of the root system by looking at the height of the Palm Tree.

For safety it will be best if you tie three pieces of rope to the trunk of the Palm Tree. During the process of removing the tree, you will loosen the roots of the Palm Tree. You will not be able to tell when it will fall and where it will fall. That is why you tie these ropes around it to make it stay stable and strong while you are trying to dig through the soil.

Once you have a strong feeling of how large the radius is for the root system, it will help that you mark that area so you have a guide of where you should dig. This is also will help in the preservation of your garden, it will ensure that you do not take too many green parts of the garden. When you are digging, make sure you start at the edge of the circle and move it inward, be patient and keep digging until you see the roots.

Once you see the roots you should cut them using a sharp object. After, you can lower the tree as a whole with ease by pulling the ropes that you tied to the trunk previously.