All You Need To Know About Palm Trees

Palm Trees are flowering plants, and they produce seeds that are leaf-like when they grow, and this fact makes them cousins to grass and bamboo. These kinds of trees have very fast growth rate, and in only a few years they can grow up 50 feet. They grow fast because they are excellent with preventing pests and diseases from occuring, and this because of their tough outer layer which is hard to penetrate.

plam trees

Scientists say that a tree can only be a tree when it ican grow branches, and these branches can die out to make rooms for more branches to grow. But this isn’t present with palm trees, they grow straight up and you never see branches grow on their side like you do with other trees. The only thing that makes them tree like are their high trunk structure and leaves that grow on the top. But some palm trees do not look like trees at all, there are a lot of types of palm trees that come in different forms and sizes.


Palm Trees are one of the oldest trees that have been recorded, the first palm tree was said to sprout out first 80 million years ago and they were present all around the world. But with other trees present, a lot of these Palm Trees have died out. But it was this event that made it known that Palm Trees survived best in tropical areas, and now that is where you can see the majority of them.


It is not obvious, but Palm Trees can bear fruit and flowers. People usually think that Palm Trees only grow coconuts and large leaves. But they are able to bear flowers that are tiny, but after some time when they grow, they become very evident. When you see it, you will be surprised that it can bear such fruit and flowers. They are often times pollinated by different kinds of insects.


As the growth rate of palms trees is incredibly fast, it is the ripening of the fruit that is very slow, and if eaten too soon it can cause sickness to the person who has eaten it. But it isn’t all that bad because other animals are able to eat the fruit even if it is not yet ripe. If you want to have a taste of fruit coming from a Palm tree, you may have to wait for a while, after about six months the fruit should be good to eat. Coconut is one of the most popular fruit that Palm Trees produce.


Coconut is the number one produce coming from a Palm tree and it coconuts grows mostly in tropical areas because the environment is perfect for coconuts to grow in. Coconuts are grown best in hot and humid areas, and these coconuts are able to spread all across the world because the seeds are able to float on water. Also, the import and export business has helped Coconuts spread to other parts of the world.

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