The Beauty Of Having Palm Trees

If you are from a tropical area, then you’ve probably noticed how blessed your location is with an abundance of palm trees. You can plant palm trees in the beaches of Asia, the Mediterranean, and even the desert locations like Egypt. When people think of palm trees, they think of the beautiful beach, and for some reason, these kinds of trees are the perfect decor to complete a beach vibe.

palm tree

But aside from being seen on the beach most of the time, there are a lot of things that people don’t know about these trees. Not only are they tall and majestic looking, but they have a lot of fun facts and uses that help individuals in a lot of ways.Palm trees have been available in the market for people who have interest in purchasing one and planting it in their own backyard. It will be best if you learn more about these types of tree and see what kind of palm tree you want for yourself.

Palm Trees are known for their gigantic height that it imposes, and if you want to purchase your palm tree, it will be best that you choose one that doesn’t grow up to 150 feet because it can be hard to maintain. The Quindo is the type of Palm Tree that is known to be the tallest of its kind and it can grow up to 200 feet. If you want to have a normal sized Palm Tree, it will be best to go for a date palm which grows fast and hits the ceiling at 80 feet only.

The Palm Tree was a sacred symbol for life way before we even existed. You can see ancient scriptures and drawings showing people worshipping the Palm Tree. This tree was a symbol of life and it usually was drawn right beside a stream. It was worshiped so much because it gave them so much more than just a beautiful view, it gave them food, water, and shelter.

Palm Leaves which came from the tree also has major religious symbolism. This was seen during one Sunday which is called today as Palm Sunday, a week before Easter. This happened when Jesus Christ arrived in a town, and all the people held palm leaves in their hands and they were waving it as he passed by. Now every year people cut out palm leaves and form it like a pretty wand, and we bring it to church as a remembrance of that event.

In 1932, the World Olympics were held in Los Angeles, and to decorate the place and make it look for magnificent, they were able to plant Palm Trees along streets, parks, and almost every public place. The result was beautiful, it felt like you were in a tropical paradise when you’d drive around the streets of L.A. For this to happen they were kind enough to hire 400 Mexicans to do this job and they 40,000 Palm Trees during that stretch.


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